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Service at the cross roads of the main sea-lanes.

Curaçao has a strategic location in the Southern Caribbean, outside of the major hurricane routes. It has a sunny climate, ideal for cleaning and coating of ships hulls.

In addition, there are naturally sheltered deepwater ports, modern facilities, a wide array of shipping services with excellent telecommunication facilities and infrastructure and is therefore able to facilitate every need of the modern shipping industry.

Ship repair is a major economic pillar of Curaçao. For over 50 years, Curaçao Drydock Company Inc. (CDM) has a tradition in ship repair, engineering and conversion resulting in a vast experience for a wide variety of vessels, such as: Crude Oil Tankers, Product Tankers and Chemical Tankers, Container Ships, General Cargo Ships, Bulk Carriers, Cruise Ships, Ferries, Ro-Ro’s, LPG-, LNG Carriers, Dredgers, Tugs, Offshore Supporting Vessels, Seismic Support Vessels, Navy Vessels, Coast Guard Vessels, Barges and Small Craft.

The first-class reputation that CDM has gained over the years is first of all based on ongoing commitment towards customers, secondly on the implementation of technical improvements in the yard’s facilities and thirdly on the continuous improvement of our organization, supported by the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. We operate in accordance with the International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS) Code.

The most valuable assets of the CDM are its employees. Skills, know-how and constant training have resulted in a high-quality and specialized workforce.

Main Services

CDM provides the largest variety of Ship Repair Services (Yard) together with the most extensive Port Repair Services (PRS) in the Caribbean:

  • Fabrication and repair of hull structures constructed from normal, higher strength and low temperature steel.
  • Hull & Tank treatment.
  • Fabrication and repair of steel, stainless steel, copper-alloy and low temperature pipelines.
  • Repair of mechanical and electrical/electronic equipment, devices and components.
  • Propeller repair.
  • Docking activities.
  • Port Repair Services.

It is the vision of CDM to become the best logistics ship repair, building and naval knowledge center in the Caribbean, based on a strong sustainable organization.

Modern Facilities and Equipment

CDM’s facilities are ideally located at the crossroads of the main sea-lanes in the southern part of the Caribbean connecting North and South America and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, which makes it the logical location for a maintenance and repair centre for fleets visiting these waters.

A-Dock dimensions

Between dock walls:
Between fenders:
Depth over keel blocks:
Height of keel blocks:
Deadweight tonnage:

280 x 48 mtr.
280 x 47.35 mtr.
Fwd. 5.70 mtr. – Aft . 8.48 mtr.
1.57 mtr.
155,000 tons.
B-Dock dimensions
Between dock walls:
Between fenders:
Depth over keel blocks:
Height of keel blocks:
Deadweight tonnage:
192 x 26.5 mtr.
192 x 25.9 mtr.
6.3 mtr. even keel.
1.45 mtr.
28,000 tons.e
C-Dock dimensions
Between dock walls:
Height of keel blocks:
Lifting capacity:
165 x 30 mtr.
1.30 mtr.
10,000 tons.

Approximately 2,000 meters of repair quays outfitted with rail gantry cranes with a capacity up to 75 tons. Mobile cranes are available. The maximum allowable depth alongside our quays is 10 meters.

Planning for Future growth

CDM is poled for growth, thanks to the ever-increasing demand for ship repair in the CALA region (Caribbean and Latin America). The yard is planning to build a new graving dry dock to double its repair capacity and in turn, its turnover and jobs.

The new Curaçao Maritime Center (CMC) plan will enable the restructuring and renewal of all components, stabilizing the entire infrastructure that will allow private investors to invest capital in CMC for 80/70%, the other 20/30% of the shares will remain government owned for further development of the yard. The new development will allow both the government and private investors to participate in Public Private Partnership (PPP), allowing further business development and increased revenues from the yard operations.

CMC will be the development company for several businesses and activities:

Ship Repair Yard • Ship Building Yard • Small Craft yard • Training Center • Green Yard • Marine Services • Marine Logistics • Solar Energy

E. Martina

Managing Director of Curaçao Drydock Company