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Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange.

The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) is an international electronic exchange based in Curaçao, for the listing and trading of bonds, equities and funds.

Key to its success is its time- and cost-efficient listing procedure, ensuring a smooth listing process for local as well as international companies, and investment funds. DCSX has all the regulatory processes and a robust trading platform in place to set the stage for the successful listing of domestic and international securities.

The DCSX ensures transparency to the investor and guarantees visibility for the issuer at all times whilst its listing fees are highly competitive. DCSX operates in an exchange-regulated market and is a membership-owned self-regulatory organization.

The exchange was officially launched in January 2011 and was awarded the status of Correspondent Exchange by the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) in October 2012. The WFE is an international trade association of 59 publicly regulated stocks, futures and options exchanges and its market operators are responsible for the functioning of key components in the financial world. Membership of WFE is considered by some governments and national associations of asset managers as an essential criterium for preferential investment policy and taxation for these markets. Any company, regardless of its industrial sector or country of origin, may request a listing on the DCSX. Listing on the DCSX offers multiple advantages to issuers of equities, bonds or mutual funds, such as access to a broader international investor base and capital. As legal or regulatory constraints may prevent certain investors from investing in unlisted securities, a listing enhances the marketability of the listed instrument. A listing on the DCSX also provides a secondary market facilitated by a proven trading platform bringing transparency to both buyer and seller.  

The DCSX utilizes a trading mechanism powered by Trayport Exchange Systems. The trading system enables DCSX to offer services to issuers of government-owned bonds wishing to tap the local and regional capital markets, while offering an attractive solution to issuers seeking to list equity or bond instruments, as well as funds and ETFs. Other benefits include Curaçao’s common law and Dutch legal court system, strong regulatory regime supervised by the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten and an Appeals Committee consisting of members of the DCSX Foundation and representatives of the financial sector.

The DCSX is noticing an increased local and international interest in the possibilities presented by the exchange and its positioning as an entrepreneurial platform appears to be catching on. The Curaçao’s financial sector is regaining its status as a reputable financial center providing a platform for investments to and from Latin America, Pan-European and Far East markets.

The exchange will further enhance the position of Curaçao as a leading financial services jurisdiction with in-depth knowledge of financial, fiscal and legal requirements and providing products and services that meet those requirements geared towards international investors and fund managers.

For more information on the DCSX and its services please visit or send an email to

R. Römer
CEO Curaçao International Financial Center (CIFC)