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In July 2013, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and a delegation of Dutch entrepreneurs and Captains of Industry visited Curaçao. This was a unique and memorable occasion, that benefits all parties involved.

The economies of both the Netherlands and Curaçao are for a large part based on trade and logistics. The key position the Netherlands has in Europe, Curaçao can acquire in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

On this website, several key-figures from the Curaçao business community and public service give their vision on what our economy has to offer. In addition to tourism, there is a large financial sector, a stock exchange, a data center and a refinery. But there is more. Curaçao has an all-round maritime centre and an impressive Airport City concept that has a lot of economic potential.

I would like to thank mr. Luis Santine sr. for his effort to give an overview of the economic strength and potential of Curaçao. It adds content and context to a historic visit within our Kingdom. I am looking forward to a more intensive cooperation between the Netherlands and Curaçao, in order to optimize the opportunities and possibilities for economic development.

Stanley Palm - Curaçao, Minister of Economy

Stanley Palm
Minister of Economy